Large-scale interdisciplinary projects

The DHLAB conducts research project in parternship with other European universities, patrimonial institutions and museums. With the University Ca’Foscari, the lab is engaged in a large-scale digitization and modelling program focusing on the archives of city of Venice, entitled the Venice Time Machine. DHLAB’s researchers collaborate with historians to reconstruct a highly-detailed simulation of Venice and its maritime empire, covering a 1000 year period. The laboratory is also collaborating with Le Temps to transform 4 millions press articles covering the last 200 years in a information system that could be queried using semantic technologies. With the Fondation Bodmer and the University of Geneva, the DHLAB develops new museographic displays to present ancient documents. Eventually, thanks to the support of the Jan Michalski foundation, the DHLAB conducts research on narrative complexity and digital literary sciences, in parternship with contempory writers.