Historical Geographical Information Systems

How can we use ancient document to reconstruct cities of the past?

How can we develop methodologies to extract information from ancient maps and cadaster?

How can we trace the evolution of frontiers?

How can we reconstruct road and maritime networks?

How can we store and query geohistorical data?



A Network Analysis Approach of the Venetian Incanto System

Y. Rochat; M. Fournier; A. Mazzei; F. Kaplan

2014. Digital Humanities 2014 , Lausanne , July 7-12, 2014.

The objective of this paper was to perform new analyses about the structure and evolution of the Incanto system. The hypothesis was to go beyond the textual narrative or even cartographic representation thanks to network analysis, which could potentially offer a new perspective to understand this maritime system.


Modeling Venice's maritime network - End 13th to Mid. 15th centuries

M. Fournier; Y. Rochat

2014. International Workshop ERC World Seastems - Maritime Networks in Space and Time , Paris , June 16-18, 2014.